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If you have decided that it is time to delete your Yahoo account permanently, but you do not know how to delete a Yahoo account, will guide you step by step.

Why delete your Yahoo account?

Since the rise of Gmail, the Yahoo account has become for many people a secondary mail account that does not have many purposes. Deleting Yahoo will allow you to concentrate your email accounts in one provider for easier access and greater organization. And because removing a Yahoo account will also free up space on your own servers, you'll be doing a little less damage to the environment.
Before you delete your Yahoo account

If you have already decided that you are going to delete your Yahoo account, a good idea is to take a few minutes to save any relevant personal information you may have in your account. Some of the important data you may want to save is:

Address book

It is possible to have contacts on Yahoo that are not in Gmail and vice versa. Before deleting Yahoo permanently, download the information of all your contacts to make sure they are not lost in the process. Export everything (phones, emails or even postal addresses or other contact information) into a file that you can access later from your computer. This file can also be used to import these contacts from another mail server such as Gmail.

Notify your contacts

Another good idea is to write to all your contacts to let them know that this account will no longer be active and to let them know which new account you want them to write to. Make sure you don't do this too massively, because otherwise they will receive the mail in their spam boxes and may never read it. Try to write to them in a more personalized way and in smaller batches to make sure they get it. It is also a good idea to ask your recipients for confirmation and wait a day or two for their replies.

Photos from Flickr

Remember that Yahoo acquired Flickr in 2005 and if you delete your Yahoo account, you will also delete your photos on Flickr. Take the opportunity now to download the ones you like the most and store them in a folder on your computer. Make sure your downloads are in high resolution, they are memories that, if you lose them, will never come back!

How to delete Yahoo

If you don't know how to delete a Yahoo account permanently, simply follow the steps below. Before you close your Yahoo account, remember to make sure you have downloaded all the personal information you have hosted on this account and may need in the future, as explained in the previous section. If you have everything ready, then we can get started:

1. Access the account closure page from the Yahoo User ID you wish to delete.

2. Read the information that will be provided about closing your account and click Continue. Keep in mind that deleting this account will also remove access to any payment services associated with it.

3. Enter your password to confirm your identity and click Yes, delete this account.

4. Click on I understood.

And that's it! This concludes the process of closing your Yahoo account. Removing the account will now definitely take about 40 days in total, although this period of time may be longer in other countries. For example, in Australia or New Zealand it may take about 90 days, while in Brazil or Taiwan it will take up to 180 days.

Removal period

These days of waiting before the account is permanently deleted are known as the deletion period and during this period all your data on Yahoo will remain intact. Consequently, if you regret the deletion of your account you can go back during these days and reactivate it without losing any of your old emails.

Personal data and privacy

Yahoo will also alert you that some of your personal data may continue to be stored on Yahoo's servers even after your account is deleted. You can check what that would be on Yahoo's support page on Data Storage and Anonymization.

Is it a good idea to delete your Yahoo account?

In terms of privacy, yes, especially in light of the data leakage trail that has occurred at Yahoo over the past few years, especially the 2013-2014 scandal. Some of the most important issues surrounding Yahoo's privacy are

    In 2013-2014, there was a leak with the private data of more than 1 billion Yahoo accounts, in what was one of the largest leaks in the history of the Internet to date.
    In 2017, there was a second, albeit much smaller, breach by Yahoo of just 32 million accounts.
    In 2014, Verizon bought AOL, which bought Yahoo in 2017, making Yahoo now owned by Verizon. Verizon is an Internet service provider that has repeatedly fought to maintain the right to sell its users' search histories to third parties.
    In addition, Yahoo Mail automatically scans the content of emails to provide personalized advertising to its users based on the information obtained in their private emails.

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